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The legendary Brno Café was born for the second time. New offer and old jazz.


when and where

mo-fr 7:30-23, sa 9-23, su 10-22
Zelný trh 14, 602 00 Brno titleroute

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Whether you need proteins or fibre for breakfast, or you just have to have bacon, our breakfast menu will start your day between 7:30 and 11:00.

titleAll breakfast meals

What can you get?

We are fresh, seasonal and local. We enjoy the goodies you can buy at the indoor market in our building or at the Zelný trh outdoor market.

We fine-tuned our breakfast menu; if you are just a little hungry or have a sweet tooth, you won’t be disappointed.

Whether your diet is focused on protein or fibre, or you just have to start a day with bacon, we can deliver. We bake fresh desserts and sandwiches on a daily basis. Our menu also includes thick soups and meat rilletes.

titleentire offer

Coffee for your mom and single-variety specials

We wanted coffee that is not only for aficionados. We wanted coffee where the owner’s mom, having just had a cup, would not say it will destroy her stomach. Our friends from Rituala Kafé have prepared for us an Arabica mix. Our second grinder contains single-variety coffees with more prominent acidity.



Looking at our menu, you can tell we like matching various styles and cuisines from all corners of the globe because Brno is a metropolis where various people meet and influence each other. Our hummus embodies the original recipe of our owner’s dad who has lived in the Brno borough of Řečkovice for many decades. Nothing fancy, just basic ingredients and sumac spices.


Sweet and addictive… homemade cakes

Our glass display with sweet delicacies changes frequently. That being said, there are a few frequent occupants, such as our homemade cheesecakes. We also buy a variety of desserts from various pastry makers and smaller suppliers.


With a little help from a sommelier

In addition to a selection of Moravian and European wine, we like bubbles, which is why you will find Prosecco on our wine list, or the Spanish Cava. Shout-out to sommelier Martin Procházka from Wine up.


Hausknecht on tap and special varieties from Kraft Beer

Since this is Brno, Hausknecht is the beer on our tap, as this is the best beer brewed here. We also serve special varieties from craft breweries and the good folks at the aptly named Kraft Beer.


Have a seat thanks to Halabala

We like furniture with some history and soul. And our frequent guests like us. If you sit down in our café, it will be in renovated chairs from the collection by Jindřich Halabala (whose name, by the way, means “at random”). title The chairs go well with period interior lamps and lights, also renovated. title We are quite possibly a café with the “bluest” wall in the world, or at least in Brno. Architect Michal Palaščák had the excellent idea, and our interior is his work.


Chceme být přístavem všem, co hledají místo pro debaty, tvorbu a přemýšlení. Lidem, co rádi jen tak pozorují cvrkot skrze naše obrovské výlohy.


One way to get to our café is via the courtyard of the Old Town Hall. It offers a quiet place in the historical centre where you can sit down and enjoy your coffee or breakfast. Check out our patio there.

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Zelný trh 14, 602 00 Brnotitleroute